About us


The Lademannbogen Laboratory evolved out of an idea to offer a complete laboratory diagnosis service to all service providers across the medical sector, from transporting samples in a secure and safe way to passing on findings and offering qualified validation. This service stretches right across diagnostics and is focused on providing individual patient-orientated diagnosis. To achieve this goal, the Institute brings together a whole host of specialist knowledge from across diagnostics to form a Centre of Laboratory Excellence. Since its foundation in Hamburg in 1983, the Centre has grown into a wide network of knowledge where doctors and scientists work hand-in-hand to achieve optimal diagnostic results.


With a staff of over 250, the Lademannbogen Laboratory is one of Germany's most renowned laboratory institutes. Modelled on the Institute for Clinical Pathology, the Laboratory has brought together all laboratory-based diagnostic disciplines under one roof in Hamburg. Given that the Institute is in one location and has one organisational system, this united system of expertise is able to provide complex and interdisciplinary assessments of laboratory results. Even larger clinics, distributed as they are across different institutes, are hardly in a position to offer this kind of integrated laboratory diagnostics.


Rapid development of immunology, molecular biology and analytical chemistry is making it possible to produce increasingly targeted, individual medical diagnoses for increasingly smaller patient groups. As far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, however, developing small batches of medicines for single diagnostic procedures is often commercially unappealing. To this end, the Lademannbogen Laboratory has set up its own research and development department to enable the patients of our senders to benefit from the significant research advances that are being made. Indeed, the testing systems developed and implemented successfully by our research department form a major part of our expertise and our ability to stay ahead.